Text Marketing For


It's 2019 and the market is changing every day in terms of technology. and spa owners do very well urilizing SMS messaging for their benefit. The majority of clients at spas and salons are return customers. so opening the door for them to otp in to receive SMS messages about the latest sale,special, or service can increase sales for the salon.

Upsell seadonal facials, massages, or manicure services that can be instanrly communicated via SMS messages

Special discounts given to loyal customers with loyalty rewards virtual wallet

Run polls to gain valuable feedback from your clients

Thanks to its unavoidable nature, SMS marketing promotions are perfectly suited to the retail market. reach your customers with jut one ckick! Marketing in the retail sector requires a massive campaign of direct mail, email, or insert to be effective. This makes SMS message marketing a phenomenal tool and a convenient and very effective way to get a message to consumers

Appointment reminder.

Never lose money again with no shows. Our system will insure a reminfer is sent our by SMS on the day of or a few hour before the appointment.

Bulk coupon

Keep your customer loyal and collect your customer consented

informaton in salon with your kiosk and loyalty program.

Collect customer data with our wifi when they connect.

customer behaviour with our detailed analyrics.

Automatic responder

Continuously keep in touch with your customers.

Reputation and Customer rating

improve your social media audiances

Send them reminders

wish your customer happy birthday

Digital Catalog.

Not only are you able to capture your customer's info but now you are able to display your full digital Catalog with our responder.

Give a promotion

to any of your deserving customer and collect their data.


Create amazing deals and contests.

Redeem coupon panel

You will have the Ability to send, track and Redeem any coupon with our Cashier panel.

Set and forget.

Why pay an agancy so much money when your marketing can bepre-programmed for the whole year with your Mobile template builder.

Custom QR for instant coupon.

Along with your price, you can now display a customer QR. When a customer scans the QR to get the coupon you automatically collect that person info.

Digital Signage for Salons

Salon owners are embracing the New idea of completely enhancing their customer's dining experience with their dynamic digital signage that comes with the Nento Hub. Display your profucts, promotions and beautiful marketing materials for your business.

Booking System for Salon (Coming Soon)

Boost your profuctivity and also free up your time with our Nento Salon booking and Management Software. Schedule your appointments form any device, Web widget for your website for easy booking. Manage your staff schedule and more. (Try out demo)

Responses to sms can be up to 10 faster

  • Everyone can receive text messages today!
  • Over 90% of all texts are read within the first 3-5 minutes of delivery.
  • The average North Americans looks at their cell phone 150+times a day.
  • Up to 70% of North Americans say that they would like to receive mobile offers from their favourite businesses.
  • It's very affordable: at just a penny per text/SMS, making it cost effective.